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Trump Shows He's a Pseudo Conservative Joker - Once and For All

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Last night while sitting in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, en route home from Budapest, I about busted a gut reading Richard Parker's (Dallas Morning News) takedown ('Is Texas Ready To Be Trump  Country?') of this clown which can be read in entirety at this link:

Most notable quote:

"Donald Trump — to borrow a phrase from Lloyd Bentsen — is no Ronald Reagan. He has zero experience in elective office, whereas Reagan had extensive experience in a tumultuous California in the 1960s. And there is simply nothing conservative about Trump’s politics, particularly as  conservatism has generally defined economic policy, foreign policy and social policy in the past few decades. "

But readers can see Parker's other takedowns of why Trump is no conservative, and no Ronald Reagan in terms of his proposed policies And we won't even get into the insulting remarks such as directed at Jeb Bush's wife (about her Mexican heritage) and Carly Fiorina (who in one notable exchange (after Trump blustered "she can't run any of my companies") shot back beautifully about Trunp's four bankruptcies on record. In fact, if anyone came out of this second clown cavalcade looking presidential it was Carly - who may even give Hillary a run for her money if both get nominations for their respective parties.

While I was unable to catch the whole debate I did catch parts of it televised on assorted TVs in lounges at DFW, and what I saw confirmed one newspaper headline this morning on the CNN telecast  ('Clown News Network') in the NY Daily News with the sub-header 'All About Trump in Junior High Debate').

Even Joe Scarborough, the most conservative voice on MSNBC - observed this morning concerning the debate:

"I actually thought it was very bad for the Republican Party, bad for the Republican brand. And newspapers not giving CNN high marks. It was one of the most disappointing debates I've seen."

And from what I could see, I have to agree. As Scarborough also noted the total focus was on the Trumpster, obviously CNN trying to capitalize with all the Trumpies. Hence, all the split screens included Trump and even when the CNN moderators asked every question (almost) of Trump, they followed it up asking questions about Trump when others were asked. Of course, this would be designed to feed the Trump media frenzy.

But the Trumpies are hitching their wagons to a burned out star which will not help them in the general elections even assuming he gets the GOP nomination (which I doubt).

Scarborough flashed on the post debate poll from TIME showing Trump at 65%  (Fiorina at 14%) but again, people need to bear in mind that this is all in the primary phase when crazies emerge and they do have their backers (look in the 2012 campaign at the rise and rapid fall of pizza magnate Herman Cain). There's almost always a popular crazy in the primaries that certain enclaves will hang on to as their "Messiah" but when it shakes out - and sense prevails - these bozos fall out.

Even William Kristol - acknowledged conservative guru commentator  -  admitted this morning that "neither Trump or Carson are truly qualified to be President"

He went on to say "the party will be fine" after the crazies (Trump and Carson) are shaken out. (He looks for Fiorina and Rubio to emerge on top). Again his take is predicated on crazies often dominating the primaries with their backers pushing the polls up - but what these "base" backers want is not want the general populace does.

This brings up the point that the most ferocious attackers of Trump are not liberals or "libtards" as some Trumpies make out, but conservative sources and personae.  (See again Richard Parker's takedown of Trump above).

Then there was the Wall Street Journal yesterday with its jarring piece, 'Records Show Scant Reagan-Trump Ties' (p. A4), blowing to bits the nonsense that Reagan and Trump were conservo bosom buddies at one time.

As the article pointed out, a peek inside the archives of the Reagan Presidential Library (where the debate was held) disclosed the Reagan White House was "peppered with invitations to Trump events" and at Reagan's behest the aides "mostly kept the real estate mogul at arm's length - except when they were trying to stop his donations to Democrats or 'soothe his large ego' as one memo put it."

One of the biggest howlers in the piece, especially for the conservos that come down hard on Jimmy Carter, was the revelation that "one month after Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy, Mr. Trump, his parents, brother and sister each made the maximum federal contribution allowed - but not to Mr. Reagan. The Trumps all gave to the re-election campaign of Jimmy Carter."

The Journal goes on to note:

"FEC records show no donations from Mr. Trump to Mr. Reagan for four more years  In fact, 10 months after Mr. Reagan's 1981 inauguration, Mr. Trump made an early contribution to the political action committee of former Vice -President Walter Mondale, a Democrat".

Walter Mondale!?

Maybe the Trumpies need to wake up and read more outside their little FOXite universe to discover that most serious conservative sources regard their man as a poseur.  Top conservative commentator Cal Thomas spares no Trumpies' feelings when he writes (Colorado Springs Gazette, p. A11, today):

"Trump is a chameleon, having held contradictory positions on various issues over the years as its suits him. He fits the definition of a demagogue: 'a person, especially an orator or political leader, who gains power and popularity by arousing the emotions, passions sand prejudices of the people'."

For those who might not recall history, that was the M.O. of Adolf Hitler too.

Those of us backing Bernie (who some Trumpies  dismissingly call "Bernice" out of jealousy for a guy with principles) at least can  be assured our guy hasn't changed his stripes and is what he says he is - which to me is the real sign of manhood, courage and trustworthiness. As opposed to making out like a chameleon and opportunist, which most therps agree has its origins in being a Mutter-Sohnchen or "mama's boy" in German - see any of Adolf Hitler's biographies.

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