Saturday, October 11, 2014

Answers for Integrated Reality Assessment

The answers with points allotted are indicated. In many answers 'collateral' points are awarded for a lesser grasp of reality, in other cases no other pts. are given.

1.D (4), B(2), A, C (1)

2. D(4);  A, B (2)

3.A (4), B(2)

4. D (4)

5. D(4), C(2), A(1)

6. A (4), B(3), D(2)

7. A(4)

8. B(4), C(2)

9. B(4), D(2)

10. B(4)

11. C(4)

12. D(4)

13. B(4)

14. D(4), C- B(2), A(1)

15, 16 and 17: Ranking of at least 4 for each nets 4pts. each. Ranking of 3 nets 1. Ranking of less than 3 nets 0.

18. D(4), C(3), B(1)

19. A (4), B, C (2)

20. A, B (3) and  C,D (2) (There is no definitive 4 pt. response)

21. D(4), A(2), C(2)

22. D(4), B, C (2)

23. B(4), C (2)

24. B(4), D(1)

25. E(4), A, C (3)

Interpretation of Scores:

90- 99: You are a super-realist person in multiple domains. You tend to see things as they really are not as the PR wonks or mind manipulators want you to!

75- 89: Your perceptions are fairly realistic about most things, probably more so than most people.

50-74: You're a marginal realist. You're realistic in some things - domains, but not others.

36-49: Your grasp of reality needs a lot of work. Maybe you need to spend more time reading, less on Twitter, posting kitty photos on Facebook.

Less than 36: You are relatively detached from integrated reality. You need to stop watching FOX 'n Friends, reading fantasy works, or both!

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