Saturday, August 16, 2014

Frackers Break the Law Again with Toxic Dumping in Colorado

Let's concede the frackers and all those who support them are shameless liars, apart from their yen to destroy the environment. Their talk about preserving both the environment and economy is great for PR - and likely emanates from one or more PR outfits - but isn't credible when one beholds how they consistently violate laws.

One of these laws in Colorado, since 1997, prohibits injecting or dumping diesel without a permit - which assigns specific regions for emitting effluent. This is important because diesel contains benzene and other carcinogenic chemicals that can easily spread in groundwater - and so can cause major health problems. Will the indiscriminate frackers or their supporting whore politicos pay for cancer treatments? I doubt it.

According to a Denver Post report ('Fracking Probe Finds Illegally Injected Diesel in Colorado',  August 14, p. 31) an investigation leading to a report released Wednesday - by attorneys for an environmental protection group- revealed 9, 173 gallons of diesel illegally injected while fracking wells in Colorado.  To many people in the state these illegal injections bring to mind the horrific consequences of the Parachute creek frack liquid spill which contaminated thousands of cubic meters of water.

Of course, industry groups have challenged this report as they challenge any semblance of negative news around fracking and its consequences. Their job is to spout PR to try to assuage the gullible.  Their claim (ibid.) is that the substance injected in 280 of the 351 wells reported was kerosene, not diesel. (Hey, doncha know kerosene is good for ya! See also the terrific PR -skewering book, "Toxic Sludge Is Good For You")

Fortunately, Environmental Integrity Project spotted this codswallop and called it out for what it was, noting: "kerosene and diesel have long been recognized as virtually the same thing...and the companies still lacked the proper permits to dump it."

Williams, PDC and ExxonMobil subsidiary XTO Energy, were a few of the companies identified as dumping without permits.

These issues assume increasing importance given that Colo. Sen. Jared Polis has taken his two initiatives for local control of fracking off the table for the November ballot  - leaving the way open for nonstop pollution of our soil, air and water. The so-called "compromise" erected in the initiatives' place is a joke - translating into "we will examine the issues with a new commission and make recommendations." All Coloradans ought to be outraged.

Do the people have any say any more, or are we forever hostage to the frackers - as here in Colorado? Evidently, that may well be the case. Neolib governor John Hickenlooper constantly advises Coloradans that just because they own a home and property at XYZ location doesn't mean they control or own what lies beneath the surface land. He has consistently said it is the state and "other interests" which control and own the "mineral rights" - which means any of these claimants can rip out what's beneath your place anytime they desire.

Got a beautiful backyard with nice trees, and a small creek and all. Say hasta la vista to them if the powers that be, including corporations,  want those minerals!

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