Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ouch! The Truth Hurts, Doesn't It, Mikey?

Which Mikey are we dealing with now? The Satan -fighter, or the Fool?

In my last blog I never named any names or site, deliberately. I chose instead to focus my attention on monumental scientific errors that were circulated in a blog piece in which it was claimed ancient biblical authors like Isaiah were eons ahead of their time in predicting Earth’s sphericity, and NT authors were accurate in asserting that Earth would end up with three “time zones” at the end of days.

Now, since the person whose blog this was directed to has chosen to name me in his blog and come after me, then I must return the favor to the obsequious and deceitful “Pastor Mike” who fantasizes he has delivered numerous ‘whuppins’ to me and that I "capitulated" to him numerous times. (Leaving out the fact he's suffering from delirium and likely operating in a realm of make believe.) He also needs to know that IF he were capable (ever) of delivering this phantasmagorical “whuppin’” he’d have demonstrated it at least once in cogent, logically sound arguments to any times I pulled him up on his biblical foolishness. Up to now, each time it's been a blank- though in his febrile brain, he manages to parlay that blank into a "whuppin". (You need to re-examine your definition of 'whuppin', Mikey!)

He never has.- not now either Once again, instead of offering logical and scientific rebuttals of my points, arguments in my last blog (which would disclose he could at least deliver a defense – if not an offensive “whuppin’), he has chosen to personally attack me – and now – having done so, I must return the favor.

He writes to begin with:

'You see , "Phil" runs an atheist hate (blog ) site under the guise of astronomy , physics , science , astrophysics , etc.. - though , it seems for the past year or so , he has continued to verbally attack not only myself and THIS blog , but Christianity in general . Oh , and while I'm thinking of it ,as I mentioned before , I am purposely NOT giving his blog address , as I refuse to give Satan and or his disciples any more of a soap box than they already have . "

Of course, Mikey – who calls himself a “pastor”, has it exactly wrong. This site – as any one with eyes and a brain can see, is catholic in its material (For Mike’s benefit, that isn’t a reference to a religion – but I will let you look it up in a dictionary). The content ranges from astronomy and physics (e.g. past articles dealing with the Big Bang, general astronomy questions, new discoveries, the solar cycle, sunspots, flares) to mathematics (complex analysis, Euclidean algorithms etc.) to economics (articles on the interest rate spread, on credit default swaps, and Wall street speculation) to philosophy (models of Mind provided) and yes, atheism and religions (when they go off base- as the Pope’s sex abuse scandal) as well as debunking myths which includes misrepresentations of science under the guise of religious indoctrination.

Now, unlike Mikey, I don’t self-censor and regard all those as my province for discussion. In particular, IF and when I see issues I want to address, I address them – they could be in the newspapers, or on blogs. I went after Mikey’s blog on this occasion because rather than stick to his bible myths and related horse manure he went off on a tangent and brought in astronomy aspects that were totally WRONG! Lest some might be misled, I therefore took it upon myself to correct them. In case Mike forgot, my first degree is in astronomy and I take it as a personal issue when I see malarkey written which is not only uninformative but egregious.

Rather than show me where or how I was wrong in my astronomy corrections of his drivel, Mike chose instead to whine, pout of being picked on then drag in “Satan” – as if Satan made the corrections, and not me. Time to go back to Bible world, Mikey and get your brain back in gear.

Note also, there were no specific attacks on HIM or his “Christianity” (which I don’t recognize as such – but rather a perverse, wild, Satan- worshipping, fear mongering Hell cult). All I did was to correct astronomical errors. If Mikey doesn’t like me barging into his "territory" like that, he needs to stay out of astronomy and stop pretending he knows anything…or his nomadic bible scribblers do! Anyway, he barges on:

"What I can't seem to understand is why good old "Phil , the atheist" just doesn't start another blog with an anti-Christ theme , (at least until he , prayerfully , gets saved ). At least he would be intellectually honest in doing so , huh ? But again , being "intellectually honest" is obviously a foreign concept to him , as evidenced in his past debates with myself and a brother in Christ , named Rene , (see my blog archives here from when I first started this blog last April ) . "

Well, first it’s Mikey and his breed that needs to get “saved”. Anyone who’s tossed out as much hate as he has, while professing to uphold Christianity has some business talking of me as an “anti-christ”. As for intellectual honesty, that is a choice attack basis from Mike. When all he has done in every time we’ve engaged in debates is to hide behind twisted meanings of words (“kill” is not the same as “murder”) and totally avoided other points introduced (necessary and sufficient conditions for his god) .

But what do you expect from a joker who fancies himself a latter day Moses?

Mikey goes on:

“Satan has "Phil's" finite brain so confused and all the "wires" crossed in it , that the poor lost atheist can't seem to make up his mind whether to talk (blog) about science , religion , politics , sex , or the man-in-the-moon”

Actually, it isn’t a question of “making up my mind”, Mikey. I simply blog on any issue I wish to blog on at that moment. Any I fancy. No limits, and no barriers, or fear of stepping on toes of touchy bros –who (if they don’t like my blog, or any of its subject matter) would have the sense to ignore it.

If it’s math, I do that, if it’s a twisted concept of antichrist, I do that. If its Wall street chicanery – that too. Or, if it’s a religious nut blogging on astronomical concepts he hasn’t the foggiest notion of, I will do that. Thus, on any given day I choose what I want as subject material, none are off limits or under the purview of “Satan”. In other words, I don't have a ONE TRACK mind like you!

Undeterred Mike in his gasbag manner, continues:

Now , after getting "whupped" many times , and realizing his strawman and red-herring arguments simply don't work with me , he , true to form , picks up his marbles and goes home to lick his wounds . Then , just as sure as God is in Heaven , after a few days or so , he'll come back for more”

That’s hilarious since it’s actually YOU coming back for more, Mike. Just like when we were kids- growing up in Florida, I've beaten your butt now so many times it’s getting pathetic. Don’t you know or understand when you’ve been mastered? When you have been made to look like the pathetic little imp you are? At no time or place, other than in your frenetic, feverish mental ideations, have you ever “whupped” me in any debate. What I did rather, is choose to have mercy on you, and – like a Rottweiler after it’s savaged the ears of an ill-behaved pup - disengaged and allowed you to lick your wounds in peace.

BUT you keep coming back for more like the masochist you are! If you had half a brain, or a lick of sense, you’d have left sleeping dogs lie. WHY even come here to READ my blog if it gets you so rattled and incensed? You know you will pay for it.

If you had any remote ability to verbally “whup” me in debate, you’d have demonstrated it in your blog in response to my last entry. You’d have enlisted all the astronomy, mathematical, logical or other resources you could summon and showed me exactly how I was wrong in my arguments. But no, what do you do? You go off whining and crying about how big, bad Phil the nasty atheist has rained on poor little Mikey's facetious blog parade again, and just won’t leave him alone. Boo...hoo...hoo..Woosie, pooh…need a hankee….?

Mike, ever the impetuous bloviator, goes on in his inimitable style:

Now , my friends , I guess that last paragraph is supposed to intimidate me into succumbing to the anti-Christ dogma of the spineless , gutless ACLU , SPLC , Obama-ites , Satanists , the Vatican , and oh yeah, 'da atheists , to name a few , huh ? YEAH RIGHT !”

Actually it wasn’t meant to intimidate you, Mikey, just warn you. But you do what you gotta do.

He goes on:

“But hey , I actually need to say "THANK-YOU" to "Phil" , as we never know - perhaps someone from the SPLC reading this blog will go to my I-Net church and decide to accept the LORD's Free Gift of Salvation - DO I HEAR AN AMEN ? Heh,heh,heh... I'd LOVE to have a blog heading reading , "PHIL,THE ATHEIST,BRINGS HEATHEN TO CHRIST ! "

Actually, the members of the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) are already Christians. Real Christians, following Christ’s injunctions in the beatitudes, not inveterate haters like you- who demand a spiritual apartheid and total intolerance. They don’t need to be “saved” because they know (as historian Paul Johnson has noted in his history of the United States) that “salvation on the Lord JC” was started by fire-breathing Elmer Gantry types in the early 19th century when they believed the Baptists and Calvinists were going “soft”. Right up to now these hater mongers have continued, like you and “pastor” Fred Phelps, who takes his sick minions to military funeral with signs held up that read “You are ALL GOING TO HELL”. Hell bender Hate mongers.

So no, the SPLC will watch you, but not bring anyone to your SATAN .

Mikey, undeterred, trudges on -determined to get that fiftieth paddling:

“In conclusion , since "Phil's" post of March 12 , 2010 , he has made 30 (THIRTY) blog posts (EXCLUDING his latest one of April 2 , 2010 ) . Out of those 30 , 9 (NINE ) of them , that's 30% , are surreptitious replies to my various posts , in which I NEVER even mentioned him ! So , has Satan made him paranoid , or what ?”

Not at all, since there is no “Satan” other than the embolism buried deep in your reptile brain – which you really need to come to terms with. Again, I'm not so "anal" I need to obsessively keep track of specific proportions or the statistical content for my blog for any time period. The very fact- as Mikey himself registers – my blog content is at least 70% non-religious (100% -30% = 70%) shows in clear terms it isn’t an “atheist blog” as Mikey claims. Nor was it ever set out with the intention of being such. Seems to me Mikey is way too obsessive -compulsive on how blogs are defined- as opposed to simply composing compelling material. But hey, maybe that's why he's reading mine so often!

What it also shows is that MIKE has a fixation on my blog and also is so self-absorbed he believes at least 30% is always about HIM – when it’s about the content! But what else can we expect from a character that doesn’t see when he’s been whipped like a ball peen hammer over a steel anvil.

Mike ends with this typical post-blather sermonizing – clearly not seeing how the "advice" he proffers to others qualifes as advice HE ought to be taking:

Frankly , I have to agree with what a person told me awhile back about "Phil" - that is , he seems to have way too much time on his hands . Although not Scripture , I must agree with the old maxim , "Idle hands are The Devil's workshop."

Not idle at all, Mikey! I am currently completing my sixth book, and also volunteer each day (at least an hour) to help people on the All Experts site. This is in the areas of astronomy, astrophysics, and atheism-agnosticism. In addition, I am busy on the genealogy site, trying to complete the family tree up to the American Revolution).

I'd like to humbly suggest to "Phil" that perhaps he could utilize some of his time doing volunteer work . Perhaps helping to feed people at homeless shelters , helping to clean invalid patients at a VA hospital , reading (the Bible) to the blind or illiterate , or maybe even getting some fresh air and picking up trash along the highways - just a few suggestions”

ROTFL! Actually, I DO engage in volunteer work, as I noted above. This is the best form for me, since I don't drive (eyes- legally blind) and with budget cuts in my town, 80% of bus routes have been eliminated. As for "helping people at shelters", etc. I do give a healthy amount each month for those causes, as well as disabled vets, Native Americans, Haiti etc..

As for “getting fresh air” – I just did this morning, with a 45 minute run. Plus I have an actual home with a 1/3 acre yard with grass to mow, weeds to weed - I don't live in a small apt. What about you, Mikey? From those photos I saw of you when you came back from Orlando, it looks like YOU could use some outside time: picking up trash in front of your apt. or maybe even getting some walking in. Oh yeah, and helping the needy at shelters instead of participating in a hatefest on your blog. Show that you can at least deliver a scintilla of that "Christian love" your Master preaches on, as opposed to the incessant hellfire threats. YOU are the Christian that's obliged to LOVE your neighbor as yourself, in case you forgot.

Here’s a last bit of advice for you, sonny: If you don’t like the content of this blog, don’t click on it. Got it? I hate Lush Limburger and his talk radio crap, so I don’t tune in the channel. You – I suggest- do the same here. It will leave you more time for your regular biblical blogging!


janidebar said...

Jeez! Your brother is a bigger idiot than I thought! So what, he believes if you write ANYTHING remotely about his blog content you're picking on HIM? He's a legend in his own mind!

Your last blog totally ripped him a new one and it's no wonder he's livid. So much so he can't even manage to formulate a decent rational response, as opposed to going off on another of his trademark jeremiads.

The idea that he's "whupped" you at any time is so laughable I dare not consider it seriously more than a second or I'd rip a gut laughing!
We need a warning lable on Mike's comments: "WARNING: the content herein may be hazardous to your health if you are prone to splitting sa but while laughing too hard".

Why, he's been whipped and beaten to a pulp so many times by you it's a miracle he can even get up and put out more bunk. His whining just shows he has more time on his hands than he knows what to do with! He's the one that needs to get out and do things, other than drooling over his stupid website and writing hateful crap every minute of every day.

I really believe the guy needs serious therapy, and probably meds. His brain is so rotted out and delusional it may take years, even decades, to get him back to being a decent human again. Then he has the utter nerve to try and tell you to volunteer for the needy, homeless?

HE'S the one that needs to do it instead of condemning every Tom, Dick and Harry to Hell! What a turkey.

Thanks again for your takedown of his total nonsense without even attacking him personally, just his rubbish. I especially liked the explanation of time zones and why 'evening, night' etc. are not that. I always wondered about GMT and you explained it perfectly. Now I understand, also how a circle when rotated using integral calculus will give a sphere. Never knoew that, but then I never took advanced math.

Pity Mike hasn't, and more a pity he won't even make a small effort to understand. As opposed to biting the head off the very necessary messenger!

Copernicus said...

Thanks, jani. Mike's problem is that he lives in denial. He lives in denial that there's nothing after death...nada....and JC was merely the "man-God" invented by the Persian Mithraists and given Christian clothing by Paul.

He's also in denial that he's had his ass whipped in debates - virtually everyone we've had since he renewed his specious contact with me in 2007. (I give him, generously, about one 'maybe tie')

All the rest he's lost and badly because he's incapable of a sustained, reasoned argument in counter attack.

I mean look at his last blog against me! Instead of taking apart my arguments in showing his bible authors committed serious astronomical errors (not to mention misconceptions) he takes it out on me!

You are right about attacking the messenger. The problem is Mike will never like the message as long as he inhabits his fantasy world.

If he detests my blog content so much, and its didactic and universal (for subjects) nature, then his best bet is to ignore it, as I've told other pests to do.

But his mere complaining will not stop me from selecting my blog content from wherever I want.

janidebar said...

I forgot that I got a real kick out of your brother when he wrote:

"Phil" runs an atheist hate (blog ) site under the guise of astronomy , physics , science , astrophysics , etc.. - though , it seems for the past year or so , he has continued to verbally attack not only myself and THIS blog , but Christianity in general"

Which is absolute tripe! You had some 246 total blog posts in the last year of which barely 44 had anything to do with religion, and only 23 with his blog- most of them indirect takedowns like your ones pointing out the biblical scientific errors. That means barely (23/246) x 100% = 9.3 % dealt with Mike!

This is what I mean by him being so self-absorbed that he interprets ANY reference to religion as about him! The statistics just don't support it! He blabbers about you wasting time but what about him? Obviously he comes to your blog every chance he gets and reads what you have up. The junk about running an "atheist hate site" shows he's lost his marbles. If this were really an atheist hate site it would run anti-religious articles continually and all would be nasty screeds and personal attacks, as opposed to the intellectually insightful material you have.

I never knew, for example, that the antichrist was once interpreted as a spirit of evil rather than a person, but it makes sense.

The Pastor is also way off base when he brings up your 'taking the higher road' blog. Maybe the guy truly can't read because what you said is that you were going to cease all PERSONAL attacks (calling him and his blog out by NAME) and this is what you did. In that blog about 'biblical scientific idiocy" you never once mentioned his name, just a "fundamentalist website".

You also attended to the nonsense content posted not to targeting the person who wrote it. It appears the Pastor can't separate a criticism of content from a criticism of him - but most egomaniac wannabe preachers are like that. Jerry Falwell was, and so was Rev. Jim Jones.

So it seems to me Mike is the one with too much time on his hands if he can allow his paranoia and imagination to run away with him lke that. It really is sad.