Saturday, April 10, 2010

Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Liars Away!

In today's mail I just received an alert and notice from NARAL Pro-Choice America, about what are called "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" or CPCs. Evidently there are some 4,000 scattered across the nation and their main charge is to lure frightened, pregnant women into their abodes, give them free pregnancy tests....then lie their asses off to them- should they decide to opt for an abortion.

Some of the lies actual women have been told, after showing up at one of these abominations:

1) "If a woman has any family history of breast cancer and has an early abortion at a young age, the chances of getting breast cancer increase 800%"

2) "If you murder your baby you will go to hell"

3) "Because an abortion doctor can't see what he's doing he could suck out your bowels"

4) "Condoms are no form of contraception since they have a failure rate of 35%"

5) "Pregnant women who've had an abortion have a 200% increased risk of infertility and ectopic pregnancy."

6) "Ten percent of women undergoing elective abortion will suffer immediate complications"

Now, let's take apart this horse manure piece by piece. First, note that all of the lies are predicated on FEAR...which is clearly the only tool these religious zealots and freaks have in their kit bags. As usual, when mentally deficient humans can't persuade others with reason and logic, they have no choice but to play the fear card. They know the fears are baseless, but they hope those they spread them to will accept them without question.

Now the truths!

1) Breast cancer has nada to do with whether a woman previously had an abortion or not, but everything to do with genetic disposition and the environment where she lives. If her mother had breast cancer then she has roughly a 30% of getting it if she is childless. Hence, she needs to be on her guard. In the case of environment, we know a host of chemicals and toxins may be in the water and these are carcinogenic. (See Devra Davis' 'The Secret History of the War on Cancer' for how these chemicals have been traced, where they are etc.)

2) No one is going to "Hell" for anything because it doesn't exist, it's bullshit. It was made up by human derelicts some two thousand years ago after they mauled part of an ancient manuscript and realized they could parlay it into a boogey abode to terrify anyone they couldn't control.....atheists, Buddhists, Hindus.....or pregnant women with strong minds who demand abortions.

When you're dead, you're dead, so no one need worry about "Hell".

3) All trained abortion providers know exactly where the uterus is and they know where the bowel is. The chance of this happening is

4) This canard about condoms has been circulating since Rev. James Dobson and his ilk started spreading it about 20 years ago- on his radio programs, and in his tracts and books. If this were so, it'd mean 35 out of every 100 condoms tested failed. In fact, the actual failure rate is about 1 per 1,000 (median for all brands). That is, a 0.1% failure rate. So the CPC moron that conveyed this was only off by ....350 times.

5) There is zero risk of ectopic pregnancy and barely 2% increased risk of infertility....given the nature of the operation.

6) Another bald lie, since most women (95%) suffer no complications at all. For the ones that do they are mainly mild, not much more than most people experience after a colonoscopy (some minor discomfort or bleeding which soon stops).

As the NARAL material discloses, these CPCs are merely front operations for religious and anti-abortion zealots. Though staffed by some people with medical training, these centers aren't providing medical services... but PROPAGANDA services. Many also attempt to rope unsuspecting women into their sick religious folds, and -or ministries. Worse, the vast majority operate without government oversight or licenses. They, in effect, can do whatever they want....employ whatever sordid tactics at their disposal.

This article is one part of the NARAL effort to expose these fake clinics. The other part is to support NARAL to publish literature to make vulnerable women more aware of where they can access genuine opposed to malarkey.

More necessary is legislation that forces these outfits to license themselves and be subject to regulation. If they don't meet the minimal standards for an abortion provider, they can then be shut down. Fortunately, within the past three years ten states have intervened on the public's behalf by introducing legislation targeting the deceptive tactics of CPCs- with 4 legislators in four states introducing bills last year alone.

But more needs to be done to oust and control these religiously-driven, make- believe clinics- and it must apply to all 50 states. Thus, it's about time the federal government got involved.

Pregnant women need more than a zealot-sponsored charade. They need to have access to what all other women in the advanced nations of the world have.....including Barbados!

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