Sunday, April 19, 2009

Who the HELL cares? NO sane person!

One of the readers on this site just sent me a link for a new Pastor Mike screed about "Hell". Seems the goodly pastor is fully exercised (exorcised?) that not enough people are taking that infernal abode seriously. Those who can stomach it, can read more here:

One thing that comes across from this dreck, as my notifier observed, is that (according to the Pastor) MOST humans are DAMNED! Evidently only about a handful of our species will walk through those pearly gates, and enjoy ....what? I guess sitting on a cloud, playing a harp whilst occasionally glancing over to see 100 billion fellow beings burning - while basking in an unseemly air of self-righteousness. (No wonder when faced with this option, people prefer Hell by 5 to 1)

Again, this is absolute nonsense. The Roman Catholic Church wisely moved away from Hell-bending and obsession with good reason. It was undermining their rational stance, and making them appear like the medieval demagogoues so many critics claimed. It didn't help that creepy exorcisms were also sometimes televised, such as a memorable one about fifteen years ago on a Larry King show about the Devil and Hell.

On that show, skeptic author Paul Kurtz totally pulverized his RC padre opponent and made him look like someone who just came through a time machine from the middle ages.

Here is what we do know: Hell isn't even an original concept. Christians hijacked it from early pagan mystery cults-religions sometime around the Second Council of Constantinople. Up until then, the early Christian Fathers (e.g. Origin of Adamantius, Clement of Alexandria) had taught the more subtle and sane doctrine of metempsychosis. Which when you delve into it, makes vastly more sense than the juvenile "heaven and hell".

In metempsychosis, the soul is held in abeyance for some interval - which could be from 1 day to 100,000 years - before being allowed to "emigrate" into a new body via conception. As we see from this, the soul does not originate at conception, but rather is pre-existing and externally transferred to the new zygote. Is it possible to have a soulless human? Yes, according to metempsychosis it is! There may in fact be humans who have not been subsequently habitated by a soul, for whatever reason.

One can think here of total monsters like Adolf Hitler, John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer. In each of these cases, the degree of monstrosity in their assorted acts is concomitant with nary an ounce of regret, and discloses the existence of a soulless monster. Or does it?

To the atheist-Materialist such as I am, this is all specious nonsense, since we don't accept "souls" or afterlives or transferral of the intangible energies of souls via metempsychosis or reincarnation for that matter (which differs from metempsychosis in that the SAME soul is given to return time and again to different bodies.). However, we do recognize the relativity of nonsense. Not all nonsense is create equally, in other words.

For example, metempsychosis may be nonsense, but on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the most egregious nonsense) it is maybe a '2' while "Heaven-Hell" occupy a 10.

Similarly, Bigfoot may be nonsense, but it is at maybe a '4' or '5' while fairies are a '10'. Alien abductions of suburban white matrons to harvest their eggs may be nonsense, but it is at a 1 or 2, compared with werewolves wreaking havoc.

It's all relative.

Unfortunately, the other main problem with Hell belief as espoused and laid out by the goodly Pastor, is that it is a sure symptom of psychosis. I went into this briefly in an early blog spot concerning a teen girl in Barbados who "lost it" because she believed demons were pursuing her.

I later had occasion to speak with her then pscyhiatrist - not about the girl personally- but rather the whole meme of Hell belief and promotion.

The psychiatrist, a Dr. Pat Bannister, informed me that while not all Hell believers she had met were psychotics, nearly all psychotics were strong Hell believers. And not just any old "hell" but the old fire and brimstone variety.

In fact, John Wayne Gacy - when he confessed to the 29 or so murders he committed, was heard to say: "Now, I am gonna burn forever in Hell!"

A key component of a Hell-psychotic, as Dr. Bannister put it to me in 1972, was that they not only believed in this abode themselves, but believed it applied to all who didn't fit into their behavioral mode. That usually meant, in the case of hyper-religious folk (who could also be classified as partial psychotics): Unbelievers, or....good faithful Christians who merely believed Jesus was a great man and not a God.

The other key attibute of the Hell psychotic is manifested when they are hypnotized, and convinced during the hypnosis that there is NO Hell.

On coming out of the trance, they typically go bonkers - shouting, pulling their hair out, cutting themselves with razors. According to one therp - one such person even tried to jump through a window. The only solution was to put them back into the trance and re-introduce the Hell belief for their survival.

Why? Why did the presence of the Hell belief matter to their sanity? One would have thought the opposite.

As Dr. Bannister put it, the reason is that Hell is the ultimate sanction and backstop for their morality. If there is no ultimate sanction, their morality is meaningless. In other words, screwy as it sounds to a rational mind, the morality these pathetic dregs follow is contingent on an ultimate place of punishment for all those who DON'T follow it! Their mental peace resides on knowing that all others face eternal destruction if they don't follow the same rules.

In addition, no rational appeals based on a loving God are any use. The crazed, psychotic Hell believer will simply rationalize away all challenges and find a reason that even a loving God HAD to invent Hell.

Is it possible to rescue these pathological people from themselves? In an unpublished manuscript entitled The Hell Delusion, written ca. 1979, I actually included a chapter wherein I dealt with this issue. I suggested that all of these extreme Hellists be rounded up and implanted with electrodes in their limbic systems.

While in 1979 this perhaps sounded preposterous, it no longer is with the advent of quantum dot electrodes - which can easily be inserted into a brain synapse or neural junction. Although you don't hear very much about it (we can understand why!) it is now possible that negative emotions emanating from the brain's amygdala or hippocampus can be suitably regulated or modulated by properly installed quantum electrodes or even micro-chips.

Within such devices also resides the possible end to all prisons. Instead of squandering so much in the way of money and resources to keep the anti-social locked up, electrodes-chips are simply implanted in their brains to regulate behavior. Ordinary people may also wish to seek the benefit of these devices, which once wedded to the neural chassis, are bound to make for a more productive and efficient being.

In the meantime, the most important use for these chips, electrodes and quantum dots is surely to control and manage the Hellish ideations of those like Pastor Mike. At the very least, so they don't spread their mental contamination and craziness to more vulnerable and impressionable minds. We don't need any more psychos in this country!


Anonymous said...

The only Hell there is, is in ones own mind. It was created by the ancient "bible thumpers" to control their flock. I mean they had to have some leverage to control the simple minds of the time. Trouble is it's been carried on over to the 21st century "simple minds" by the self-proclaimed preachers and leaders, of made up churches, to still control their respective flocks.

Clowns like this self-proclaimed Pastor Mike use their "Hell Rant" to threaten others into getting saved, whatever the "Hell" thats supposed to be. The clown pastro goes on to say you have to accept Jesus as your saviour and blah, blah, blah. Give me break, Jesus was just a man with a big mouth, that pissed alot of people off at the time. Eventually his big mouth was shut permanently by hanging him out to dry.

Then of course his brainwashed followers had to invent the bible with all it's made up stories to keep the "good word" flowing thru the ages. Now in the 21st century some still cleave onto this fairy tail in hopes of something in a made up afterlife.

Again and again Pastor Mike cuts and pastes his bible verses to try and convince others into his way of thinking. As I see it the only devils running around are idiots like this Pastor Mike, slinging and parroting thier shit philosophy onto others. I mean this phoney pastor thinks he's a God by condemning others who don't buy his baloney. It sure is something what a complete idiot can do with a few bucks, to get a phoney title from a bogus church, and a computer. I just wonder if Pastor Mike would have come about if we had not invented the computer or internet. I THINK NOT!!

Caleb Shay said...

Absolutely right, harleyman! And real good article, Copernicus.

I was actually the one who forwarded the link from Pastor Mike's All Souls Church site.

I had a really hard time reading it as I couldn't stop laughing. I kept wondering if this guy was a retardo or just psychotic. No one except nuts believes the sort of tripe the Pastor spills out on his site.

I believe Copernicus has it correct, that for the most part Hell believers are psychotics. They also clearly need Hell to bolster their own morals.

Another thing, Copernicus, is to bring up how these religious psychos allow maniac-serial killers to get saved so long as they say they believe "in the lord Jesus Christ".

A good and decent guy who gives to chrities, follows all the rules and never harms a soul can be sent to Hell by these psychos' reckoning, like a stone killer like Bundy gets his heavenly ticket just for repenting at the last minute.

Something is seriously wrong here and anyone who doesn't see it is retarded or plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

The Crazy Pastor Mikey is at it again. The newest addition to his freakshow of a website was to take down his blog, until he throughly sanatizes it, for his made-up flock. He made the following comment concerning the "temporary" removal of it.

Pastor Mike says:


Brothers and Sisters ; let me apologize to you all in advance for the temporary closure of my blog .

The reason for this , is that I am in the process of reformatting the content that will show the most recent posts first .

I have , however , saved all original 37 posts and will place them on my new blog EXACTLY as they were submitted by the respective author(s) . The ONLY editing I have done , was to my brother Phil's posts insofar as deleting the link to his website / blog that he had linked to his name ( which I should have done in the first place ) . I've done this , because of the blasphemy , vulgarity , and hatred that he allows on his site / blog by his visitors - and even though it IS his site / blog , by allowing a link to it on THIS site , I feel I would be just as "guilty" as he is by allowing it . Other than that , all of his posts I will be re-posting here verbatim - as well as all others that I recieved .

ANYONE , will still be allowed to post here - as long as they comply with this site's Christian moral standards . If one feels they must express themselves via profanity , blasphemy , etc . . let them wallow in the manure of the various atheist sites .

Anyway , I hope to have my new blog up within the next 24-48 hours . I Thank-You all again for your understanding regarding this matter -

God Bless and keep you ALL -

Your brother in Christ ;

Pastor Mike

I guess the paranoid pastor Mike is afraid some of his thinking followers may get the right idea in that Phil was right all along, so he removed any link to Phil's web blog being that it's satan's work. What a fucktard. Though not surprising.

Pastor nutcase Mikey still doesn't get it. The only reason anyone goes to his idiotic website is for laughs. No one with any common sense takes his bullshit seriously. His website is mainly for the retards and kiddies under 8, who still believe in Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, and the like.

It solidly proves Phil's point on this Pastor Mike needing a lobotomy or de-programming by medical experts in the cult religions. There was even a special on TV last night about religious cults, evangilists, etc, and how they go about brain washing the innocent and using their bible to empower themselves by saying they are just following God's law. When in fact they are warping the minds of anyone who will listen, to control and abuse them mentally and physically.

Pastor Mike is now merely a shell of himself, and a carbon copy of all the other phoney self-proclaimed pastors who parrot the same crap. Anyway I thought the above was good for a laugh.

Caleb Shay said...

harleyman wrote:

"Pastor nutcase Mikey still doesn't get it. The only reason anyone goes to his idiotic website is for laughs. No one with any common sense takes his bullshit seriously"

I agree. I check in every now and then just for laughs. The crap about Hell and the KJV are the best laughs of all. I especially like when they haul out all those stupid arguments from the past like....will you bet on God...or ..? With the notion that if you "lose" the bet you will be fried like a hot dog forever.

What a joke!

There is no Hell and no Satan. These psychos just made 'em up to scare people. It's pathetic, but convinces me even more we need to burn all their bibles, roast 'em in monster incinerators about a million at a time, then take them and haul them to asylums for electric shock therapy.

Religion is a mental disease and the sooner we disinfect the world of it, the better for us all! We can start with Pastor, or Preacher Man, Mike!

Caleb Shay said...

harleyman wrote: "so he removed any link to Phil's web blog being that it's satan's work"

Yeah, saw that. Jeebus, the guy must be trmebling in his boots. If he is sooooooooo right about everything why is he so worried about a few criticisms? Blasphemy? That's just a pile of horse shit.

That's an excuse not to come to the table and deliver your arguments.

Both he and that lily-livered little creep Rene are out to lunch. Notice you never see either of them here again. Then they moan and groan about Copernicus not controlling his site.

Hey, maybe he chooses to allow free speech, unlike you trolls.

It must be a wild trip to be the pastor of one virtual "church" with a flock of....what? Oh yeah, one, not counting himself!