Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blog Marked as "spam"?

What gives? Why would THIS blog be marked "spam" for a review? Nevertheless on trying to sign in, this was the message received! If one were to allow his paranoia to run riot, it would translate into certain religious psychos (my brother) being annoyed at the content and sending in a complaint to Go ahead, Mike, give it your best shot!

There is NOTHING here that is spam, all the blog entries are my own, and merely because the content might offend some sensibilities is no reason to remove it!

Has free speech gone the way of the eddoes, as the Bajans say?

We will see.

I do hope whichever "reviewer" examines the blog will do so carefully and come to understand that it is serious, imbued with intellectual content and NOT SPAM!

Nothing gets my dander up faster than the swatch of little easily offended folk across the net who now register complaints at the slightest whiff of controversy.

This is sad. The country was founded on free speech, and if a person objects to some of what may be posted here, let him (or her) enter the fray with their own arguments, challenges.

But don't run to the authorities to try to get the blog removed because you are exercised and annoyed at the content.

Newsflash: If this blog is too intense for you, don't read it!


Caleb Shay said...

Cheeze Louise you are correct. I cannot believe anyone in his right mind would even suggest this blog is spam. It happens to be one of the best out there.

I do also suspect your brother for reporting you, maybe because he isn't fond of all the negative comments.

But reporting a controversial blog as spam is not the way to deal with things.

An adult acts the part and challenges his detractors or perceived detractors with good arguments.

but maybe that is a level beyond Preacher man.

harleyman said...

It's not surprising that the pussy pastor Mike or his cronies would try to get your blog reported. AS spam? What a joke, he couldn't get it for anything else, so the phoney pastor has to go against his own religion by lying and saying your blog is spam. This Pastor Mike is a real coward.

I also saw those pictures the pastor shithead posted on his website and really got a laugh at his cop photos. He was probably just as big a PRICK as a cop as he is now in his phoney pastor shithead. Seems he always has to be on the winning end of things, and lying or cheating on his part is no problem when doing it.

Like I've said before if he can't stand the heat stay out of kitchen. No one forces anyone on anyone elses blog. Pastor shithead can't come up with any valid debate, and he knows it, therefore the only thing he can do is what he and others do, lie and cheat, to get their way. His religion sucks, his bible sucks, and he certainly sucks.