Monday, July 23, 2012

Will ONE Billionaire Step Up to Help Caleb Medley?

One of the saddest stories in the horrific Aurora Theater massacre is that of husband and father, Caleb Medley. (Photo Below)

Caleb - who lacked health insurance-  is now fighting for his life in intensive care, and the tragedy is that - even if he pulls out of it - his family will likely be left destitute because of $2 million dollars in medical bills, according to the report on CBS Evening news tonight.  That is a level of debt dozens of times the magnitude of the largest college debts and one which NO innocent victim ought to have to bear! Nor should this be the burden imposed on a young dad in the richest country on Earth.

We understand that there are dozens of billionaires in this country, will one not step forward to pay off Caleb's medical bills? To at least set his family free of the onerous financial burdens incepted by the malevolent actions of a lone psycho in a movie theater? (And please do NOT tell me that helping Caleb out by paying all his medical bills would amount to "moral hazard". No, it would not!)

Someone, any one - any billionaire (or even high powered multi-millionaire like Mitt Romney)- for whom the $2 million would be pocket change! Bill Gates? Or the illustrious Facebook wizard Mark Zuckerberg?  Or even the guru of Omaha, Warren Buffet?  Caleb's family needs assistance, and should not be hit with a monstrous, ruining medical bill atop a vicious, vile assault!

In the meantime, the rest of us can contribute whatever we can to help Caleb through this financial morass. If you can contribute, as I have, go to this website:

The story of the murdered victims is horrific enough, at the hands of a psycho. Let's not add more to this victim's burden via financial assault as well!

Step up, Mr. Billionaire! (Or Multi-Millionaire) Help a hard working guy who has come onto terrible luck no one should have to face. Give up a measly $2 million and feel like you've really done something worthwhile!

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