Monday, December 3, 2007

What is "brane space"?

This blog is named "brane space". This is not an error or misspelling. Branes are surface representations of cosmic strings, and include p-branes, and D-branes. The latter are most useful for blog description purposes since they comprise a five-dimensional hyper-surface that propagates in time, thereby sweeping out a six-dimensional space-time. (The 'D' in D-brane refers to "Dirichlet boundary conditions" but we won't get into that right now!)

Anyway, the name for this blog implies multi-dimensional (or multi-faceted) content in time. I will blog on aspects of science (especially astronomy, astrophysics, quantum mechanics etc.) as well as on pseudo-science (astrology, Velikovskianism etc.), philosophy, religion, mathematics and even economics. Most of the time the blogging will simply reflect ruminations on current events, developments or scientific discoveries, but sometimes the writing will embody current worries......whether of economic malaise and dollar decline, or global warming, or perhaps when the next major asteroid may strike Earth.

Occasionally, solutions may be offered, but these ought to be regarded as an aspect of blogging and not based on expert opinion - at least most of the time!

My main goal is to provide captivating content that enlightens and maybe entertains as well. Comments are welcomed, and - as with my other website- I tend to keep them open and uncensored unless I have cause to do otherwise.


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