Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Pink Slime" Makers GO Ape Shit and Complain!

The pink slime manufacturer Beef Products, Inc. has had it and isn't taking it any more! According to today's Wall Street Journal ('Pink Slime Production is Suspended at Plants', p. A5) one of BPI's chief honchos, reacting to the use of the term "pink slime", has said:

"The derogatory term has trumped all science, all facts, all history".

WAAAHHHH! Boohooo! He almost whines as good as William Happer who clings to the delusion of a "global temperature anomaly" to try to console himself there's no real global warming (see previous blog). Can't these guys ever grow up? Perhaps not, and being on the wrong side of reality can be trying!

In the case of Rich Jochum, quoted in the WSJ, he's defiant and upset because for once people are calling spades, spades instead of using euphemisms- which we know PR firms love. Thus, thanks to ABC News (and Jim Avila) for first coming out with "pink slime" (though they likely adopted the lingo of the poor workers who have had to process this crap) now everyone is ahead of the language game. (Would that the Dems could have such success with the Repukes!)

As for the "science", what science? I already expounded on how this stuff is manufactured:


To summarize again, I noted the process whereby this slime originates with the cast off entrails, fat, muscle etc that in decades past was used only in dog food. (Or hog food) Or tossed out. But some genius figured that - just like high fructose corn syrup (now responsible for most diabetes in the US of A)- a large volume could be recaptured and added as filler to ground beef to increase profit margins. THIS IS ALL IT'S ABOUT! Making more money! Add garbage filler and charge $5.54 a pound for the whole thing as real ground beef!

The genius and his enablers, however, had to figure out a way to conceal the gross odor of this stuff so conceived of a chemical treatment process that incorporated simmering over low heat (to partly separate the fat from muscle). Then putting the residue into centrifuges to finish the separation.

But on account of there still being a residual obnoxious (and vomitous) odor and lots of bacteria, it then had to sprayed with NH3 (ammonia gas) to kill most of the bacteria and get rid of most of the offensive odor.Finally, the ammonia-treated slime is compressed into small reddish blocks that are added to the ground beef.

Now, I ask anyone of sober or modest intellect: Is ammonia a natural component of the human diet? No...then why the fuck would you ingest any of this shit even in a spray? Case closed!

Of course, it follows that these guys would use a different term, and the one of choice is "finely textured beef", but as the authors of the PR expose 'Toxic Sludge is Good for You' observe, calling industrial sludge (like hydro-flourosilic acid - which has been used as a form of flouride to treat municipal water systems) "sweet ambrosia" doesn't make it any less toxic or less sludge. Thus, the job of the PR meisters, in whatever sphere, will always be to deform thought and perceptions. Whether in the manufacture and sale of fulsome crap, or the sale of fulsome historical perceptions - such as claiming that JFK was killed by a lone nut, or that the "Occupy Wall street Movement" are all aged hippies.

In the end then, it doesn't make any difference how many full page ads BPI or others take out in the Wall Street Journal, thanks to ABC News we are onto their shtick and WE have control of the language and perceptions, not them!

At the end of the piece we are informed that now, because of the social media and blogosphere uproar some 850 million pounds from "other cuts of meat" (real, no doubt) will have to be used to replace the additive that had been used as filler. Well, cry me a river.

As for the 600 -odd folks that now stand to lose their jobs at the pink slime plants in Texas, Kansas and Iowa, our hearts go out to them. But this is an opportunity to find work that will now have actual redeeming human value as opposed to filling human guts with the noxious crap known as pink slime!

If such work is no longer possible to find, or not an option, than frankly, this country is in much deeper shit (and decline) than even I had ever imagined. And in that case we've much more serious things to worry about than pink slime.

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