Monday, March 12, 2012

NO! To Serving Kids "Pink Slime"!

In an earlier blog:

I showed the basic process by which the odious crap known as "pink slime" is extracted, and then added to ground beef as filler. Up to 70% of all ground beef available may have this nasty stuff in it, which really either shouldn't be around any more...or at least be labeled on all packaging for ground beef it is fillered into.

Now, as per an alert from CREDO Action, it seems the USDA plans to allow this stuff in kids' meals. WHY? According to the CREDO Alert:

"In an all too familiar story, despite concerns raised by USDA inspectors and minimal safety inspections, the USDA approval of Beef Products Incorporated's "Lean Beef Trimmings" was pushed through by USDA undersecretary JoAnne Smith, a George H.W. Bush appointee and former president of the National Cattleman's Association.

The USDA allows beef products like hamburgers to contain up to 15% of the Ammonia-treated, meat-ish stuff, but inadequate labeling requirements prevent parents from knowing if it's included in the meat being served at their kids' school. "

Aside from the lack of nutritional value, pink slime raises a number of health and safety concerns. Ammonium hydroxide is itself harmful to eat, and can potentially turn into ammonium nitrate, a common ingredient in home made explosives.

The New York Times exposed in 2009 that despite being treated with ammonia, three E. coli contaminations and four dozen salmonella contaminations occurred between 2005 and 2009, during which time school lunch officials three times temporarily banned hamburger makers from using pink slime from one facility in Kansas. (This is also one reason that I argued in another blog :

for a general irradiation of all foods, especially ground beef, that may be liable to E. Coil. contamination.

Getting back to pink slime, according to a 35-year veteran USDA microbiologist, this crap has recently been rejected by the likes of McDonalds, Taco Bell and Burger King. This incites the question of WHY- if the top fast food purveyors are disallowing pink slime, the USDA isn't as well? As the USDA vet noted: "It is not meat (despite the pink color) so it's pretty disturbing that the USDA continues putting this stuff in school lunches."

A more pertinent question is why the dictates and policy formulations of an ex-Bushie (corporate honcho for the meat industry Joanne Smith) are being permitted to emerge in current USDA policies? Isn't it time the Obama administration finally jettison ALL people and things, policies Bushie? (Btw, that does include those infernal tax cuts!)

This is supposed to be an administration of change we can believe in. Let's make it so by ridding ourselves of all things Bushie, including the people, as well as all ancillary policies! As for kids, maybe it's time they go Vegan if this is the only alternative for their Sloppy Joes or meatballs!

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